myPhoneDesktop Allows You to Send Data from Mac/PC to iPhone

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myPhoneDesktop allows you to send data from your Mac, Windows, or Linux PC to your iPhone right from your desktop, allowing you to call phone numbers, open map routes, save images into your Photo album, etc. with your keyboard and mouse. Just select anything on your computer, drag it to the right edge of the screen, and drop it on the popup virtual iPhone. It does this with a combination of desktop client and iPhone app that communicate with each other. The desktop clients are free, and the iPhone app is US$4.99.


Check It Out: myPhoneDesktop Allows You to Send Data from Mac/PC to iPhone

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Or, you can download Mobile Mouse Pro. It can do this too for $1.99 and a whole lot more. Also, you can just copy content on your computer into your clipboard and it will figure out what it is and what to do with it on your iPhone (ie launch an address in maps, dial a #, ect). Much better/cheaper option IMHO.


The APP hangs constantly. This APP does not take control over the Iphone to send SMS or messages directly from the Desktop APP. It just copies from the desktop and pastes into the iPhone. The user still needs to unlock the iPhone, access the APP and press the send button from within the iPhone. NOT a good application and not worthy recommending it

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