Nest Reinvents the Smoke and CO Detector with Nest Protect

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Former Apple executive Tony Fadell's company, Nest, launched a new product this week called Nest Protect, the company's effort to reinvent smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors the same way it reinvented thermostats with the original Nest. Nest Protect features "heads up" warnings for less serious smoke detections, and it can be silenced with a wave. The device speaks with a human voice, and if you have multiple units in your house, they speak to one another and let you know where the problem is being detected. If you have a Nest thermostat, it will turn off your furnace if Nest Protect detects CO. One of the niftiest things is that when the lights go out, Nest Protect has a glowing ring that lights up green to let you know the batteries are OK, or yellow to let you know they need to be replaced. No chirping in the middle of the night! They're priced at $129 for pre-order, and come in either a battery-only and wired-power versions.



Check It Out: Nest Reinvents the Smoke and CO Detector with Nest Protect

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Lee Dronick

Does it have a cooking filter? I wish that smoke detectors had an off switch, even if it resets after after a period of time.

Bryan Chaffin

Not sure how it’s implemented—or even if it’s literal—but they make a point of talking about getting a “friendly heads up” for overly enthusiastic toasters.

Lee Dronick

That reminds that I better clean the toaster tray.


The video shows that it gives an initial warning in pleasant english which you can hush with a wave. That’s good enough for me!

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