New Mac Pro: Maybe a Little Bigger than You Thought

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Thanks to Mac Geek Gab listener Chuck Bryan we have a great physical size comparison for Apple's redesigned Mac Pro, and it turns out that it's a lot bigger than we realized. Either that, or Jony Ive has turned his hand to designing trash cans. Either way, you'll need a bigger desk to set this thing on. Thanks for the photo, Chuck!


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Lee Dronick

9.9 inches tall
6.6 inches diameter

Lee Dronick

D’oh! Sorry that the humor was lost on me, I am usually better than that.


Lame and unimaginative just like all the other trash can comparisons.

It would have been better if Chuck could have really committed and crawled into it and had his head poking out like Oscar The Grouch from Sesame Street.


Maybe Chuck is a Hobbit, and it’s all a part of the promotion for the new movie???


You see Lee,  what advertising does to your brain?  lol I actually panicked for a nanosecond - It would be funny if the outer packaging looked like that!!

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