Obduction: Coming from the Creators of Myst and Riven

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Cyan, creator of immersive-world games Myst and Riven, has been hard at work for the past few years bringing their existing library of games to iOS. But they've also had a few new ideas kicking around, and they're kicking one of them, Obduction, to Kickstarter. This isn't a sequel to the Myst storyline, but it does find them going back to what they do best: creating another world in which you play the game. They started with a question: "What happens to a person who is abducted?" You, the player, are taken to a faraway planet. In the middle of the bizarre landscape you find an old farmhouse with a white picket fence... and you find you're not the only one who's been abducted. You can fund Obduction via Kickstarter or PayPal (and they'll refund PayPal payments if the Kickstarter doesn't fund).


Check It Out: Obduction: Coming from the Creators of Myst and Riven

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