Oh Noes! This Site Fakes a Kernel Panic! Now I Can’t Work!

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"Oh noes! My Mac and/or PC is broken! Now I can't work and I will have to go home! This is terrible!" Now, if you try this, make sure you apply those exclamation points liberally and vociferously or the whole ruse will fall apart faster than a reality TV star marriage. What I'm talking about is Happy Hour Virus, a website that will simulate a Mac or Windows system crash so that you, the hapless victim of this brokenness, can go home. Or out. Whatever, it's your day. Make the most of it. Just choose your broken mode and the site puts up a full-screen crash—either a kernel panic for OS X, a broken monitor, or a BSOD for Windows, complete with slowly typing DOS text. Don't worry, though, it won't actually crash your system. Hit escape and your proper desktop is restored. BTW, I'm offering bonus points to anyone who can get out of work because their Mac had a BSOD.


Check It Out: Oh Noes! This Site Fakes a Kernel Panic! Now I Can’t Work!

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Oh I can see all sorts of uses for this.
Like sneaking in and putting it on the screen of my buddy in IT.



You’re helping to corrupt the moral fibre of TMO’s readership.

What example are you setting for the youth, like your interns?

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