Olloclip Adds Telephoto, Polarized Lenses to iPhone

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Olloclip is already popular for its three-in-one lens macro, wide angle and fisheye attachment for the iPhone. What's been missing is a telephoto lens, and now Olloclip has answered our pleas by introducing just that: A 2x telephoto lens that also includes a snap-on polarized lens filter. Even better, the polarized lens is also compatible with the three-in-one lens kit that's already available. For many of us, the iPhone is the best camera because it's the one that's always with us. Olloclip made our iPhones more versatile with its three-in-one lens kit, and now we'll be able to bring images in even closer with a telephoto lens. Versions for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 will be available in Apple stores by the end of July for US$99.99.


Check It Out: Olloclip Adds Telephoto, Polarized Lenses to iPhone

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Yay! I’ve been bugging Olloclip about this since Macworld 2012.

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