One-of-a-kind (Product)RED Mac Pro goes to Auction

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Sotheby's will be auctioning off a truly one-of-a-kind Mac Pro to raise funds for the (Product)RED AIDS charity program. The red version of the Mac Pro was customized by Apple's Jonathan Ive along with Marc Newson for the (RED) auction on November 23, 2013. The Mac Pro isn't officially available even in its real black color yet, although it will be by the end of the year. There isn't any information about what's customized other than the color, but even if that's the only difference from the stock models Sotheby's is expecting it will bring in upwards of US$60,000 -- well above the $2,999 starting price for the standard black version. The proceeds will go to the RED program's AIDS support efforts.


Check It Out: One-of-a-kind (Product)RED Mac Pro goes to Auction

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That is GORGEOUS!!
I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody doesn’t start offering custom anodizing for these cases. Red, green blue, this this would be fabulous.



Agreed, geoduck. If you can afford a Mac Pro, you can probably afford a custom anodization.

As for the (RED) pro in question, being a one-of-a-kind, it will be interesting to see just how high the high bid is, as well as what the machine is worth ten, twenty years from now.

Bryan Chaffin



I suspect whoever buys this will probably never even boot it up.  It will be purchased as an investment, and kept locked away until they sell it in 20 years as a collector’s piece.

A pity!!




No pity here. A collector’s item gets preserved, and anyone who can drop $60K on this thing can buy a stock-standard black model with every bell and whistle under the sun…and use that instead!

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