Philips Adds Bloom, LightStrips to Hue LED Light Lineup

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Philips is expanding its iPhone-controlled Hue LED light offerings with the LivingColors Bloom and LightStrips, both of which can display over 16 million colors, just like the company's original programmable lights. LivingColors Bloom is a 120 lumen desktop lamp and LightStrips are exactly what they sound like: LED strips with an adhesive backing so you can attach them to a wide range of surfaces. LivingColors Bloom is priced at US$79.95 and the 6.6-foot long LightStrips cost $89.95. Both require the US$199 Philips Hue starter package and will be available in Apple's retail stores before the end of the week.


Check It Out: Philips Adds Bloom, LightStrips to Hue LED Light Lineup

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Lee Dronick

This will solve a lighting problem, not a serious one, that I have at home. So later this afternoon I a heading off to the Fashion Valley Apple Store and pick up a starter pack.

Lee Dronick

I bought a starter pack, the bridge and three lightbulbs.

Setting it up was easy, just follow the steps on the package.

1. Screw in the lightbulbs, turn on the power switch
2. Connect the Bridge to the LAN using the supplied ethernet cable
3. Download the iOS app

Now after that you are pretty much on your own when it comes to customizing. There is no help on the app, none that I could find. Their website has a FAQ with some answers, but no help in the way of a how-to, no PDF or something to read or download. I emailed them asking if there is a help file or webpage and got an auto-reply. While waiting for any tips from Philips I am wrestling with the app and making progress.

Now I must say that this thing is great and has great potential. They need to make it idiot proof, well non tech proof, when they do I will give it 5 stars.

One more thing. The packaging is very Apple looking, attractive, recyclable materials, secure, but easy to open. I give the packaging 5 stars.

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