Photographer Masters Perspective for Amazing Shots

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Michael Paul Smith is a genius with perspective. The photographer has been making a fictional town he calls "Elgin Park" for 25 years using perspective to create some absolutely amazing shots. I don't want to take away the sense of wonder I enjoyed when I saw the article, so I won't tell you any more. Instead, head over to  the We all bleed the same color blog and check out the full article, which includes a bunch of Mr. Smith's photos with some behind-the-scenes photos that explain how he did it. In the photo below, for instance, not everything is as it seems.


Check It Out: Photographer Masters Perspective for Amazing Shots

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Lee Dronick

Very good!



Simply amazing work. The blog post says he only uses a $200 camera. I’d love to know what camera, lens, and settings he’s using.

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