Python Cord on Kickstarter Protects Your Charger Cords

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I have a very cool Kickstarter project for you called Python Cords, by Elliot Snyder. This is  very easy to install protector for your Apple charging cords that, "displaces the stress point by spreading it over a greater distance." Its silicone tubing, "acts as a shock absorber preventing the common stress fracture from occurring." And it does all this without permanently altering your charger. If you've ever had to replace an Apple charger from cord-wear, you'll instantly recognize the value Python Cord offers. If you watch the video, you'll see at the end how easy it is to use, and if you look at the $8 price of the main funding option, you'll say giddy up!


Check It Out: Python Cord on Kickstarter Protects Your Charger Cords

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Looks snazzy, but I have to wonder, since this revolves around Apple chargers, and given the target market’s vaunted sense of aesthetics, why this wasn’t colored to match the cord it’s protecting?

At first glance, it looks like the zip-tie and shrink tubing hack it replaces. Even giving it the Python logo’s green color would remove the confusion, not to mention attract interest (good marketing).


When I was an Apple Reseller, I always taught customers the better/right way to “pack” their laptop charger. and to never just stuff the charger (unpacked) into a bag, cause thats the fastest way to a knotted/damaged charger cord.


Looks a lot like the ‘spy wrap, I’ve been using to protect cords with for a couple of decades, albeit with a fancy package. Would have been nice if the video had shown more of the product and less of the problem.


Wrap the cord properly without strangling it and it won’t stress out and break.
To many people wrap the cord like they are trying to hang someone with it. Leave a loose loop at the end where the cord goes into the charger box and flip out the cord wrapper and gently wrap the cord. If you do this you won’t need to pay $8 for anything and your power cord and charger will last a really long time. My wife has had a Macbook and a Macbook Pro and both chargers are still working perfectly with no physical damage to either power charger cord.

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