QiPack on Kickstarter Brings Wireless Charging to iPhone

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There's a new project on Kickstarter called QiPack that would bring wireless charging to your iPhone. The developers behind the project have created a portable charger small enough to fit in your pocket. That charger can then charge your iPhone through a special case that connects inductively.  That means it will charge wirelessly.  There are Android devices on the market with support for the Qi standard that don't need a case, but other devices, including Apple's iOS devices, will need a case or a coil receiver. Either way, though, there are tons of folks who want portable charging without charging cables. There's a ton of information on the Kickstarter page, and funding options for iPhone owners start at $53.


Check It Out: QiPack on Kickstarter Brings Wireless Charging to iPhone

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Is this really a big deal?  Personally don’t see it…  It’s not that much of a problem that needs solving….  But I sure wish Apple would reconsider their non removable battery policy….  Samsung does a great job of it and the phones aren’t all that much bigger….  Then you wouldn’t have to worry about recharging the phone all the time….  Just keep a few batteries around.

Anyone have a good reason for them sticking to the non removable battery?

Bryan Chaffin

The iPhone’s tight form factor, remarkable physical resilience, and battery performance-for-its-size is predicated in part on the non-removable battery.

I get why some folks value the changeable battery, but I’d rather have the beauty of Apple’s form factor brilliance than a changeable battery.

(John Dingler, I took care of your posts)

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

On Amazon, you can find Qi-stabdard chargers for $20ish and universal Android phone internal adapters for $15ish. Got an adaptor for my Moto G and it works great. In fact, it turned out better than advertised because of the way the back of the Moto G blends into the micro USB adapter.

You’ll love this kit when it makes its way to iPhone!

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