Repel iPad Case is Waterproof Up to 33 Feet

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Digital Treasures launched a new iPad case called Repel on Thursday. This case is cool because it's waterproof up to 33  feet. For those who track such things, the company had it tested and received an IPX8 certification. It's not very attractive, but if you want to take your iPad around lots of water—I'm thinking the tub, the pool, the lake, or the ocean—waterproof beats pretty every day of the week. Repel folds over like a book-cover style case, and if you fold the front cover back, you can use it to prop your iPad up in two positions for viewing, as shown in the picture. You can touch and type through the clear cover, and the back has a cutout for the camera. It's US$49.95, and it's available now.


Check It Out: Repel iPad Case is Waterproof Up to 33 Feet

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