Rockn Stompn for Musicians: Power Strip, Conditioner, and Sequencer

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I went to the California World Guitar Show this past weekend (warning, that site blares music with no volume controls). In addition to more amazing guitars from the 1950s and 1960s than you can shake a stick at—check out this gorgeous 1963 Gibson SG or an amazing 1964 Firebird V— I saw a very clever device called Rockn Stompn. This is a power strip that conditions your power, something that's useful for live performances and studio recording alike. But that's not the clever bit. Rockn Stompn is also a power sequencer. The six plugs are arranged in three banks that will turn on in sequence. So you can have your pedal board plugged into the first bank so that it turns on first. Then a variable number of seconds later, the next bank turns on, and that's where you have you ramp plugged in. That means no popping. It's foot activated, so you can turn on everything (for multiple musicians) with just one stomp, and the delay for each bank is variable. It's very nifty. It's priced at $299, and is available at Amazon.


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Cool device Bryan, but it addresses a “problem” that in my mind hasn’t ever existed in 45 years of playing. Sure, a couple basic principles like turn your amp on LAST, turn it off first must be obeyed - and you still have to turn all your amps and stuff on anyway so for 3 bills I don’t think it makes sense, even considering it’s a ‘conditioner’ as well.
I am going to the Costa Mesa California World Guitar orgy this weekend, as I live in North Hollywood. I am always on the hunt for my stolen ‘73 Gibson SG special with Bigsby in Cherry and/or my ‘72 Gibson SG “Deluxe” 1-year only model with Bigsby, embossed ‘Gibson’ chrome humbuckers and 2 scratch plates. I loves my ol’ Gibby’s with Bigsbys.

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