Romo, an iPhone-Powered Programmable Robot

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ZOMGAWESOME! Romo is possibly the coolest thing I've seen this year. It's a mobile robot powered by your iPhone. On its own, the iPhone-powered Romo has built-in facial recognition, will explore his world, and take pictures of what he sees. He is also programmable (by kids) to "respond and adapt to his environment." If that's not enough, Romo is remote controllable from another iOS device, or even from your Mac or PC using the Chrome browser. He can then let you video chat with someone on another iOS device. Romo is US$149, and there is a version for iPhone 4/4s and iPod touch (4th generation), and another version for iPhone 5/5S/5C or iPod touch (5th generation). The Romo app is a free download.


Check It Out: Romo, an iPhone-Powered Programmable Robot

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