Rutledge: The New MacBook BookBook Case [Update]

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Twelve South's BookBook cases for the iPhone, and iPad are cool and stylish, and now the company has brought the concept to Apple's MacBook lines. The Rutledge is made from leather and hand-finished, which gives each case its own unique look. Like the other cases in the BookBook line, this one looks like an old hard cover book and offers rigid protection to help keep you laptop safe. The interior is padded for added protection, and it uses dual zippers to keep the case closed when you aren't using your laptop. The BookBook Rutledge is priced at US$99.99, and you can pick one up at the Twelve South website. [Update: There are four Rutledge models to fit all MacBook Air and Pro models.]


Check It Out: Rutledge: The New MacBook BookBook Case [Update]

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I love these cases. They’re just beautiful and I’d love to get one for my iPad Air…except…

Ok I’ll admit it, I’m cheap. I got the MacAlly cast John M. recommended last fall. It’s nowhere as elegant as this but it works very well and was a fraction of the price…

Still maybe it’s Xmas hint time…


SchweeeT!!! Just ordered one. Thanks for the tip.

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