Scapple for Mac and Windows, a Freeform Note Taker without Rules

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Have you seen Scapple? it's an app from Literature and Latte, the awesome company behind Scrivener, which I just love. At first blush, Scapple could be mistaken for mind mapping software, but the developers call it a freeform text editor. I instantly thought of a white board, an analog tool I've personally found easier to use than mind mapping software, which is why I'm excited about Scapple. "Scapple’s nonlinear approach to the process of creative thinking is similar to what Gabriele Rico calls 'clustering' in her popular book, Writing the Natural Way," Literature and Latte said on Scapple's webpage. The app doesn't force you make connections, and there are no rules about where to start. I'm hoping it lets me leave my white board behind, but we'll have to see after I've used it a bit. Scapple is US$14.99 for a "household license," but if that isn't good enough, MacHeist is giving it away as part of their current bundle promotion.


Check It Out: Scapple for Mac and Windows, a Freeform Note Taker without Rules

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I’d have to use it for a while to see if it replaces my need to pull out paper (at home) or go to the whiteboard (at work). Often I use a Markdown-like plain text document to organize my thoughts. I use paper to map out a larger design. I use a whiteboard sometimes similarly but usually to explain smaller bits of a design to someone else.

I doubt that last bit would be replaced by a computer program, because the monitor is harder to stand around and controls not likely as quick to use for everyone.

I have been looking for a digital way of replacing my scratch paper though. Except I was thinking iPad software, not desktop. And I figured I just don’t have the right notes app since what I want seems to be free form notes with drawings and words mixed and organized by project but with a UI that is as easy to use as paper. (Drawing with a stylus on my iPad is a bit clumsier, and the app I use, Notes+, does not make it easy to organize notes by project.)

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