Seagate Ships First 8TB Hard Drives for Enterprise

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Seagate announced Tuesday that has shipped the first 8TB hard drive, a 33 percent increase in capacity from the 6TB enterprise monsters that were announced just last April. The devices come in a standard 3.5-inch form factor, and it doesn't use helium to increase capacity, a concept being pursued by Western Digital. Instead, as noted by Computerworld, Seagate is using a technology called shingled magnetic recording (SMR). The company hasn't announced pricing, and said that it was shipping the drive to "select customers," with wider availability starting next quarter. The 6TB enterprise drive shown below can be purchased for US$599. Now, if I could just get an iPhone with more than 64GB of storage.


Check It Out: Seagate Ships First 8TB Hard Drives for Enterprise

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Now, if I could just get an iPhone with more than 64GB of storage.

That, and an SSD drive in my MBP in multiple terabytes - at a reasonable cost.



With the iOS 8 Storage Provider Extension, I don’t think it’ll be long before we see a few solutions that allow you to connect external storage to your iOS devices.


I can remember way back in the dim dark past when a 10MB HDD was “BIG”

And this is what the Gov Dept. I worked for, used as storage for the mini-main frame:

I’m giving away just how old I am, aren’t I ?



I agree with you that options are soon going to be even greater. Still, even with iOS7 I already connect to both Transporter and Dropbox, so effectively have access to all my files on my 64GB iPhone. In this case, however, I was referring to my SSD drive in my MacBook Pro, and wishing for 3 - 5 TB solution. It’s coming.


You’re over 21 for sure, mate.



Its safe to say you could double that estimate and add 00001000





Don’t feel bad: My first job in IT was as a COBOL programmer where we used—I am not making this up—punch cards. I would literally write code out by hand, said code was given to punch-card operators, and my programs were stored in stacks of punched paper. So I have seen storage go from punched-out punch cards, to cassette players, to 5.25” floppy disks, to 3.5” floppy disks, to removable SyQuest disks (the big ones), to Zip disks (wow, those came and went in a hurry), to CD-ROMs, to DVDs, and now I don’t even buy music on physical media any more. Everything’s just a download. My how times change!


What wab95 said.  If I could get a 1+ terabyte SSD in an iMac without adding 50% to the price of the computer, I’d order today.

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