Sesame Street Season 45 Previews ‘Numeric Con’

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Sesame Street has posted a preview clip from Season 45 on YouTube. In the past they've done some clever nods to pop culture including a parody of The Voice, and one of my favorites, H. Ross Parrot. This season we get to see a trip to "Numeric Con," where one can meet such characters as Fiverine and The Dark Nine. Doctor Two (dressed as the Fourth Doctor) makes an appearance, along with familiar looking creatures who say "e-num-er-ate!" There's also a great cameo from someone wearing a gold Starfleet shirt who pauses dramatically at odd places in his sentences. Cap-TEN Kirk, perhaps?


Check It Out: Sesame Street Season 45 Previews ‘Numeric Con’

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Sports, don’t ruin a perfectly good Sesame Street article with a reference to Samsung.

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