SimCity for Mac Released at Last

EA finally released the Mac version of SimCity on Thursday, just in time for you to say, "What happened to my holiday weekend?" The company announced the release on its blog, and once against stressed that this is a native Mac client  that is fully compatible with the PC version. Buying either the Windows or Mac version gives you access to the other, and the Mac version is a digital download only. Thursday's Mac release includes all of the major updates EA has released since the PC version hit the streets in February. The game is available for US$39.99 for the standard version, or $59.99 for the Deluxe Digital Edition that includes bonus city sets. Do me a favor and call me when it's Tuesday, eh? [Update: Many users are complaining about problems running the Mac version. For the sake of my weekend, you may want to wait until EA works out the opening day problems.]

Check It Out: SimCity for Mac Released at Last