Sir Mix-A-Lot With the Seattle Symphony

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Seattle Symphony has a series called Sonic Evolutions, where they perform music from and inspired by local artists, so it was only a question of time before Sir Mix-A-Lot made it on the list. As a native of the Pacific Northwest, I was a Sir Mix-A-Lot fan way before Baby Got Back, because he was a "local" rapper, and let's be honest, before Macklemore, he was the only one. So without further ado, I will link you to the video for Baby Got Back which is making the rounds, but below is the video of the other song he performed, Posse On Broadway, one of my favorites from Sir Mix-A-Lot (it's in regular rotation on my iPhone). Definitely check out both videos, they're fun to watch. 


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Hip-hop blows!
Symphony orchestras all over the country are in deep financial foo-foo, thus they are reduced to this kind of crap gimmick.


Hip-hop, like any other genre, has its good and bad artists.

Unless it’s something that actually works well in an orchestral setting, like Frank Zappa, I don’t care for this kind of stuff either.  But I don’t entirely blame the orchestras for doing it.  Sadly, classical music just isn’t very popular in this country.

BTW, it’s “without further ado,” as in “much ado about nothing.”

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