SketchDock on Kickstarter Turns Your iPhone into a Trackpad, Sketching Surface, More

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Check out this clever idea on Kickstarter: Jon Atherton has designed something he calls the SketchDock. This is a device that turns your iPhone into a multitouch trackpad, a number pad, or a sketching surface where the body of the iPhone doesn't get in your way. it will also charge your iPhone, and it has volume buttons so you can control it while its in the dock. There's a companion app for some of these features, but one of the things that stood out for me was the way SketchDock gives you a surface from which you can use a stylus to draw without either your hand or the body of the iPhone getting in the way. That's pretty cool. This project was just launched today, and its goal is to raise US$40,000. Early backers get a shipping unit for much less than retail.


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