Snapzoom Turns Binoculars into an iPhone Telephoto Lens

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Want to use binoculars or a telescope as an iPhone lens? There's a Kickstarter for that. Hi Resolution Enterprises designed the Snapzoom, which is an adapter that connects your iPhone to lenses you wouldn't otherwise think of as camera attachments. Your photos benefit from the optics in your binoculars and other long distance viewing tools, and lets you use the gear you already have as a telephoto lens. Snapzoom is compatible with pretty much any smartphone in or out of a case, and fits most binoculars, telescopes, and spotting scopes. The team behind the project is hoping to raise US$55,000 to get Snapzoom off the ground, and there's still about a month left to hit that goal.


Check It Out: Snapzoom Turns Binoculars into an iPhone Telephoto Lens

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John Martellaro

I couldn’t help but notice the 3.5-inch Questar in the background.  Sends a good message.  I’m betting these guys know their optics!

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