Solar iPhone Chargers Coming to NYC

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If you're in the city that never sleeps, there's a good chance your iPhone doesn't, either. To that end, AT&T, Goal Zero and Pensa have teamed up to bring solar powered smartphone chargers to the streets of New York City. The outdoor charging stations include built-in Dock and Lightning connectors as well as USB ports for people that prefer to use their own cables, small shelves to hold your phone while charging, and can be placed anywhere there's direct sunlight. The chargers are part of a test program in several locations such as Fort Greene Park, Union Square, Central Park. They'll be moving around and could end up in other cities at some point, too. Assuming the test program is successful, this'll be a handy way to power up on the go or when regular electrical service is down. If you get the chance to try one out let us know!


Check It Out: Solar iPhone Chargers Coming to NYC

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I would definitely use my own cable considering previous reports of being able to hack onto iPhones using modified cables.


Those were chargers, not cables.


I also thought of the possibility of a hack from this. Even using your own cable, someone could still talk to your phone over that USB cable.  Smart phones don’t have separate data and power cables, so even if it’s possible to have a power-only cable it’s not obvious to the user which type of connector or cable is present.

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