SOS Charger - a Hand-Cranked Charger for iPhone

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We found something pretty cool called the SOS Charger.  This is a portable recharger for your iPhone with a hand crank so that you can use it even when the power's out or somewhere where a wall socket isn't an option. The device can also be charged from a standard powered USB slot (like Apple's plug-in USB adapter).  This is a Kickstarter project that zoomed way past its initial goal of US$27,000. There have been 2,261 backers who have pledged $86,491.


Check It Out: SOS Charger - a Hand-Cranked Charger for iPhone

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

This is cool. The only thing I would add is a calorie meter. You could give this to an 8 year old and tell him/her that when she has expended 50 calories, s/he can have a burger for lunch and at 100, can play with your phone. Pretty sure the kids will lose interest at about 80.

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