Space Jump Suit Dumps Parachute for Rocket Thruster Landing

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Parachuting to Earth from 23 miles up is a technological marvel, but how about pushing that to 62 miles? That's what researchers are hoping to do, and they plan on making their new suit use thrusters instead of a parachute for soft landings -- much like Iron Man. The RL Mark VI suit will be able to withstand the vacuum of space, the pressure of reentry, and super sonic speeds, and will have a heads up display showing data such as altitude, speed, and body vitals. Suit tests are should start around July 2016 at lower altitudes, and if those go well, suborbital tests will follow. The RL Mark VI is expected to have commercial and military uses, so there's a chance that if you have enough cash a space jump could be in your future.


Check It Out: Space Jump Suit Dumps Parachute for Rocket Thruster Landing

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Um, Jeff? What about the heat caused by atmospheric friction during re-entry? The article barely touches on the subject. Sounds kind of iffy, to me.

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