Star Trek Retro Movie-style Prints

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The classic Star Trek series gave us many iconic images and now Juan Ortiz is adding his own special touch to those with a series of retro movie-style posters for each episode. The prints are sold in sets of four and so far include episodes such as Dagger of the Mind, The City on the Edge of Forever, Space Seed, The Trouble with Tribbles, and more. The posters are plate-printed lithographs on and measure 18-inches x 24-inches. Each set is priced at US$34.95 and is available at QMx.


Check It Out: Star Trek Retro Movie-style Prints

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This guy is a flipping genius.

Bryan Chaffin

You got that right, geoduck. I love these!


I want to say I know what some people are getting for Christmas…
but if I ever got my hands on them I’m not sure I could send them on.

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