Star Wars Episode 3.1 Home Edit Turns Prequels Into A Single Film

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You may remember Topher Grace from That 70’s Show, or from one of his variety of film roles. He decided to experiment with editing film, so he took Star Wars Episodes 1-3 and condensed them into a single film. He held a screening of that single movie in his home, and released a trailer as the invite to said screening. Vimeo user Double Digit has run with the trailer’s story, which turns the prequels into mostly the story of Anakin and Amidala’s relationship and Vader’s origins. Sometime George Lucas is cool with fan stuff like this, but now that Princess Leia is officially a Disney Princess, I don’t know how long this movie will be available so go check it out while you can.


Check It Out: Star Wars Episode 3.1 Home Edit Turns Prequels Into A Single Film

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Someone REALLY needs to do this with the Hobbit movies once part III comes out. It’s the “Sandanista” of movies - an exhausting trilogy that could be one pretty good movie.

Kelly Guimont

CJR838 are you signing up? wink


Well, that didn’t last long. Maybe 6 hours up.
Some of the details:
2:45 total length.
First movie reduced to the first 10 minutes. Lightsaber fight against Maul and a little bit with the Jedi council.
Second movie cut roughly by half. Coruscant, Naboo, Tatooine, then straight to Geonosis. Bye bye Camino.
Third movie looks largely intact, with about 90 minutes of material, but the opening battle is out. My video buffer gave out here. Oh well.
No Kid Annie. No Jar Jar Binks (except for a few quick scenes as an aide).
No droid antics, and much less creepiness from Anakin.
Still a lot of plot left unexplained, but a good first pass. I hope Topher keeps working on it.

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