Steve Wozniak Presides Over 3 Working Apple I Computers

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It was a gathering tech legends, both the computers and the people. History San Jose put together a gathering of Apple I computers that included five of the 50 or so models still considered working. Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak and Apple employee #12 Daniel Kottke were on hand (one of the Apple Is belonged to The Woz), and by the end of the event three of the devices had been booted up and were running side by side. That's pretty darned cool, and it's not likely something that will be repeated any time soon. There is so much value attached to working models (the last one sold went for $674,100), no one wants to be the person who fried one or proved theirs no longer works. The San Jose Mercury News has photographs and more information.

Check It Out: Steve Wozniak Presides Over 3 Working Apple I Computers

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I love that green screen. It was the cassette interface that failed on my first ][ but like now, Apple replaced it. (Yes Apple bashers, they made just then too smile )


Out of curiosity, are the circuit board and chip designs available such that someone could fabricate a new Apple I if they wanted to?

Since most people don’t actually turn on their working Apple Is, that basically means “working” is just a property of a collectable item, like a “foil” MTG card.  Interesting. No actual utility, since the point isn’t to use the computer.


webjprgm - check out this guys Apple 1 clone

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