‘Stickers’ Apple Commercial Highlights User Love for MacBook Air

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Apple launched a new commercial on Monday called "Stickers." The spot is a rare one in that it solely features Mac hardware, and it shows some of the many ways that people decorate their MacBook Air laptops. It uses the tagline: "The notebook people love." All I know is that I love this spot. For one thing, it rings true. People do love decorating their MacBook Airs (and their Pros, for that matter). For another, it's great to see the Mac being promoted on TV. iOS, iPhone, iPad, and the iPod before it have long dominated Apple's advertising. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but, you know, yay Mac!


Check It Out: ‘Stickers’ Apple Commercial Highlights User Love for MacBook Air

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Your last line reminded me of those Hyundai commercials that played incessantly during the World Cup. Maybe we should start our own campaign:



Lee Dronick

Were any stickers rejected by the censors?


Know what I really love about this commercial? The quick flickering 6 colored Mac logo. Excellent old school nod to how it all began!

Bryan Chaffin

Didn’t catch that, freejak. Very cool. smile

Kelly Guimont

An informal survey of TMO staffers shows that my laptop is the only one with a sticker. It’s this one:


My previous laptop had a translucent six color apple logo sized to put over the plain one on the lid so I could kick it old school. I usually only have one sticker, I just choose it wisely. (:


It says “This video is private,” when I try to watch it.

Paul Goodwin

The link to the commercial bombs when the YouTube app opens on an iPad. It says Error Loading. tap to retry.

Bryan Chaffin

Something happened on YouTube’s end. I embedded the video differently and changed the link. Both should work now.


It works. And now it plays all 33 in quick succession!

Paul Goodwin

Thanks Bryan. I found it on Apple’s site too

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