Structure Sensor Turns Your iPad into a 3D Scanner

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We live in SciFi times. I mean, really, George Jetson would be impressed. Tuesday's example of this is he Structure Sensor from Occipital, a Kickstarter project that turns your iPad into a portable 3D scanner. The device attaches to your iPad and you can use it to 3D map indoor spaces or capture 3D models of objects and people. The company is developing an API for developers to tap into the device, too. This is definitely cool, and lots of people appear to agree. Occipital had an initial funding goal of US$100,000, and in less than the first day, it's blown past that target to hit $200,000.  The early pledge offers were snapped up, but there are still some $349 pledges left that gets you a Structure Sensor for your iPad. Check out the movie for more. 


Check It Out: Structure Sensor Turns Your iPad into a 3D Scanner

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I can see potential for this if integrated with CAD software for home redesign.
Being able to quickly scan in a structure so that additions could be drawn that would actually blend with an existing 3-d model would be very powerful.

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