Synology DS1513+ Added to Already-Awesome NAS Line-up

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I've long been a fan of the concept of a Network-attached Storage (NAS) drive, that being a device which attaches to your network and provides both storage and network-centric services beyond just simple file sharing. I've tried nearly everything out there, and it wasn't until I used the Synology DiskStation units that I finally felt someone got it right. Yes, they're "network attached storage" units, but they also easily provide additional services like an iTunes server, the ability to stream audio/video to dedicated iOS apps (even across the Internet), their own private cloud called Cloud Station (i.e. your own Dropbox), and more. In fact, third parties have created (unsupported) packages you can install to let your DiskStation become a Minecraft Server, a CrashPlan client and server, and much, much more. It's too cool, and I highly recommend these to everyone looking to add functionality to their existing network.

Yesterday Synology added the DS1513+ to their line-up of DiskStation NAS units, and the DS1513+ has a few things that prosumers will find attractive. First is the 2GB of RAM that is (finally!) user-upgradable (to 4GB) – this makes running lots of packages feasible. It's also got a dual core processors, necessary for doing on-the-fly video transcoding, and more. The DS1513+ also has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports (admittedly overkill for us home users), and the ability to expand beyond the five drive bays included. Cool Stuff Found, indeed!


Check It Out: Synology DS1513+ Added to Already-Awesome NAS Line-up

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How do you think this compares to the Qnap NAS?

Dave Hamilton

@Chip: I started digging into the QNAP stuff but stopped dead in my tracks as soon as the project manager told me that they didn’t (and wouldn’t) have any type of support for mixed-sized disks. For home and prosumer users, I see this as mandatory. Yes, there are performance gains to be had by matching disk sizes, but I don’t see that as the most important thing for our target audience on MGG of here at TMO. Folks need flexibility, both at setup time and expansion time. If I put three 1TB drives in and then want to add two more drives down the road, I want the option of making those drives 2TB or 3TB. QNAP didn’t have any plans to allow that.


Dave what model disk station do you use at home ?

Dave Hamilton

@Jason—I currently run the DS412+ but just got one of these DS1513+ units that I’m testing (and impressed with!) and may wind up making that my main DiskStation shortly here.

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