Taiwan’s Next Media Animation Mocks Mainland China’s Criticism of Apple

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Next Media Animation of Taiwan has posted a video mocking mainland China's PR campaign against Apple.  NMA focuses on cultural and political commentary, especially relating to mainland China. In the written description of the video defending Apple (spotted by AppleInsider), NMA said, "China's state TV and press have lined up to wage a smear campaign against Apple, and have scare[d] customers to build support for domestic phone brands including Huawei, ZTE and Xiaomi." Calling the state media's reports on Apple "false," NMA also tied the campaign to the U.S. accusing Chinese companies of building back doors into their communications hardware and banning it from use in the U.S. (a connection I've suggested several times). Check out the video, which should be clear, even though it's narrated in Chinese. Note the awesome fake Apple Store that police ignore and the fake "iPhone 6" that looks like a Motorola DynaTAC. It's a clever bit of satire.


Check It Out: Taiwan’s Next Media Animation Mocks Mainland China’s Criticism of Apple

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Another great find, Bryan.

While it’s gratifying to see a regionally appropriate humorous response to China’s recent boorish approach to not only Apple, but a few other Western concerns, I suspect that this won’t strengthen ties between the people of Taiwan and the mainland Chinese government.

Bryan Chaffin

I suspect you are correct, wab95, but I also suspect that such was not the intention of the makers of this video. wink

Lee Dronick

What a hoot!

A few minutes ago as I was typing in a comment to this story adtrack king refreshed the page and took me to the App Store. I don’t know if took me to Candy Crush Saga, I did a crash dive to Home, I am on the iPad.


“China” and “fair” do not belong in the same sentence!

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