Take to the Skies with Your Own LEGO Drone

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Governments are flying drones, and Amazon wants to, so why shouldn't you, too? GenCode has a Kickstarter project that'll let you do just that, and the bonus: Your quad-copter drone is made from LEGO bricks. Assuming the project reaches funding, you'll get a box full of LEGO bricks, four custom designed motors, mounts for cameras and a remote control system, plus instructions for building your very own LEGO drone. Did we mention this is a real flying drone made out of LEGO bricks? Really, this whole project can be summed up in two words: LEGO. Drone.


Check It Out: Take to the Skies with Your Own LEGO Drone

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It is not a drone. It is a Radio Controlled Helicopter. You are smarter than the meathead news reporters. Please don’t use their “Drone” meme for anything that flies without a pilot inside.

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