Team Up with Facebook Friends in Angry Birds Friends

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Like Facebook and Angry Birds? How about putting the two together, which is exactly what Rovio did with its new Angry Birds Friends for iOS. The game lets you team up with your friends to fling birds and blow up pigs, just like in other games in the Angry Birds franchise. You can challenge your friends to games, participate in tournaments with new levels every week, and if you're playing Angry Birds online, your games will stay in sync. Angry Birds Friends is free and available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch at Apple's App Store.


Check It Out: Team Up with Facebook Friends in Angry Birds Friends

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Lee Dronick

Thanks for the heads up, I just went to Facebook and blocked it. smile


Makes me want to join FaceBook just so I could block this.
Bah! Not worth it.

Pardon me I’m feeling especially curmudgeonly today.

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