Tendigi Runs Android on an iPhone, Sort of

Check this out: Tendigi has figured out how to (sort of) run Android on an iPhone. I say sort of and you maybe say "Why?" but whatever your feelings about Android, it's a nifty accomplishment detailed on the company's blog (via Engadget). Here's the super short version: they built a dedicated version of Android that would run on a custom logic board that was then built into a 3D printed case. Stay with me. That custom version of Android was built to send its information to an iPhone display via the gray cable you can see in the video below. On the iPhone side, they made their own custom iOS app that would display the information from the Android install and send touch-input back to it. So really, they're streaming Android on an iPhone, not running it on an iPhone, but like I said, it's an intensely geeky accomplishment. Check out the details on that blog post.

Check It Out: Tendigi Runs Android on an iPhone, Sort of