The $10,000 Solid Gold iPhone Case

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Mmmmm...feel that washing over you? That's the good feeling you could only get from knowing your iPhone case was made out of solid (14-karat) gold. That is, if you have the US$10,000 to buy one from Miansai. The company has apparently been selling such a case since the iPhone 4S was introduced about two years ago, but I saw it from a MarketWatch piece. The pictures below show the original case, but I bet if you kicked in a few grand more they'd make one for your iPhone 5 or 5s. This is yellow gold with a matte finish, but the company offers a shiny finish, and then rose gold in either matte or shiny finish. If that doesn't grab you, Miansai plans to introduce a solid silver case in the next six months. With silver priced at about 1.7 percent the price of gold, my guess is that it'll be about $300.


Check It Out: The $10,000 Solid Gold iPhone Case

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Gold colour iPhone 5S looks better, works better, and is about $9,300 cheaper. What to do…


Who on earth would buy protection that’s more valuable than the thing it’s protecting? That’s like protecting your subway sandwich by packing it in a layer of truffles.  You would need a case for your case!

This only makes sense if it’s an IRS sting operation. Anyone attempting to buy one of these obviously has more money than sense, and is in need of a good auditing.



I’m just wondering what wrapping an iPhone in a solid sheet of metal will do to reception. Plus its tacky as all get-out.


Reception doesn’t matter. It’s for show, you would have another phone for making phone calls.

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