The Best Apple iWatch Mockup Yet

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I just learned that Tomas Moyano is awesome. A designer living in Argentina, Mr. Moyano has put together the sexiest, most gorgeous Apple iWatch mockup I've seen. With everybody and their brother wanting to know what Apple is cooking up in wearables, this outside mockup left me drooling and wanting one on my wrist, and pronto. In a series of images, Mr. Moyano laid out what he thinks Apple's device could look like (round), what features it might have (syncing, camera, music streaming, and a battery of biomedical sensors), and specs. I have no idea if Apple could fit all that stuff in this kind of form factor, but if so, giddy up! There's a lot more in the full gallery, so check it out. About the only thing it's missing is an actual watch app.


Check It Out: The Best Apple iWatch Mockup Yet

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It looks like a watch.
It’s more what Apple has in-store for what the wee beastie can do that intrigues me. Round, square, a plate of curved glass, invisible; I am sure it will be beautiful but it will be the functionality that makes for shaky knees. And that is how Apple will change, again, the world*. And, of course, it will appear “all too obvious”. smile

* And, alas, set the copy machines a humming.


This morning on BBC Outlook they were talking about hearing aids. Interestingly enough the one developer they were talking to has come up with a design that doubles as headphones for an iPhone plus communicates booth ways. You can hear Siri, music, turn by turn directions, and other information from your phone, and your phone can record all sorts of medical data from the, wireless, earpiece. Plus with some adjustments you can start hearing things that are not normally audible, electromagnetic noise, WiFi signals, solar radiation etc. One person they were talking to is completely color blind and uses his (in that case) implant to hear colors. In addition to visible he also has it tuned to sense UV radiation so when he is outside he gets a warning about sunburn risk.

I think this sort of technology is much more powerful than any of the iWatch designs I’ve seen. Better medical data, broader uses, plus automatic two way communication. I think something along these lines is more likely what we will see from our favorite fruit company than just another “smart watch” form.


@geoduck That sounds like an improved version of Ender’s earpiece in the Ender’s Game sequels (Speaker for the Dead and onward). He is constantly talking to Jane the computer too, which would be like an improved Siri.

I like the mock-up where the band doesn’t come with the watch, since I’m pretty picky about my watch band. This would let me pick one I like as well as allow people to customize the appearance.

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