The Monkees Guest on The Johnny Cash Show

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I’m a huge fan of the Monkees, and have been for most of my life. Coming across this clip really entertained me because it is a fun intersection of three things I enjoy: The Monkees, Johnny Cash, and TV variety shows. There should TOTALLY be more variety shows. And by more I mean any. And Craig Ferguson should host one since Wayne Brady already has that other thing he does, and Craig will have free time in the near future. But I digress. Check out this clip of 75% of the Monkees hanging out with Johnny Cash. Watching them make him laugh was my favorite part, but I also got a kick out of seeing them all sing something together.


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Last year I caught the Monkees’ summer tour and it was absolutely one of THE most fun, joyful, melodious *and* reflective concerts I’ve seen over many decades. My emotional attachment to them goes back to about 5th-6th grade, so that’s the part of my brain that resonates with them. And now as an adult I appreciate that much more how GOOD THE SONGS WERE, in a way that a prepubescent kid couldn’t. The boys deserved FAR more praise than they’ve received.

Of course, in 2013, the lineup was Micky, Michael, and Peter, with a poignant but lovely tribute to Davy in the video of “Daydream Believer.”
Closing with “Steppin’ Stone” and “Pleasant Valley Sunday” was absolutely a thrill.

None of this is Mac-related, but hey, you started the thread, so I’m adding. If you were anything of a Monkees fan in the 60’s and into the 70’s, and if they’re coming your way this summer, GO.

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