The New Mac Pro: What if the Aluminum Were Glass?

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Martin Hajek has conjured up a very cool alternative design concept for Apple's recently announced Mac Pro. What if, say, the outer casing were glass instead of aluminum? Also, what if the aluminum came in bright anodized aluminum colors? What if naked aluminum had thousands of pinholes? The possibilities are tantalizing.

In fact, a glass or plastic case, showing off the innards of a computer, is a time-honored concept. We don't know if the thermal properties would be right, but hey, it's just a very cool idea, beautifully rendered. To see more, check out Mr. Hajek's website. (All photos used with permission.)


Check It Out: The New Mac Pro: What if the Aluminum Were Glass?

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Good renderings. These lines might hint of future Pros; but for now, the original new Pro is a stunning gal.


The “pin-holes all over the place” design would not work as well for cooling: You want cooling air coming exclusively from the base of the unit, as that is where the temp is the coolest.  And the larger the thermal gradient from top to bottom, the greater will be the convective flow.  Also: by allowing air infiltration all over the tower, the pinhole design creates turbulence at the boundary where it meets the main flow of cool air coming in from the bottom, again with detrimental effects on flow.

Glass is nice, but it is far less conductive of heat than aluminum of course.

I do like the colored designs - since many customers of this baby are artists/creative types, some level of customization around individual taste and/or an office’s existing decor can probably make or break a sale!


The glass would make the unit larger and heavier because of the thickness but I think it would be really cool.  How about silvering the inside of the glass so you would have a mirror?


Wow.  Very nice renderings.  It looks like a large vacuum tube, and has a retro design to it.

Apple has always had a penchant for designs based on glass, much of which is from Corning in Kentucky, I believe. 

I agree with MacFrogger though.  Glass would likely introduce challenges to thermal transfer—heating and cooling.  Aluminum-based macbooks are able to dissipate heat because of the material itself.  A modern Macbook pro is similar to a large heatsink with a logic board attached!

Gareth Harris

About 1980,  I designed and manufactured a UNIX computer similar in size to a breadbox, the CYB Systems Multibox. It was long and low and functioned aerodynamically like a tube with fans at one end.

It was cooled from direct heat radiation, as its case/frame was 0.090 aluminum - a tremendous heatsink. We also had a show model with a tinted Plexiglass case which ran hot as hell.

I think a glass cased Mac Pro would be solely reliant on its fans for cooling. Convection, as in a Mac Cube, can’t handle any power. That is why laptops, even my Macbook Air, have fans.

Yes, I still have my Mac Cube. I bought it for its lack of noise. I hate noisy machines because I grew up in a machine shop. The new Mac Pro better be quiet, in spite of its fan(s).

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