The Two Spocks in a Very Funny and Smart Commercial

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The two Spocks playing 3D chess over their iPads? Check. Leonard Nimoy historical trivia? Check. Star Trek humor on full display? Double check. Zachary Quinto and Mr. Nimoy both unafraid to have some fun at their own expense? Yepper. OK, it's an Audi commercial, but we've been going nuts over it in the TMO Towers, and the Twitterverse is all gaga, too, so it's definitely cool. Check it out!


Check It Out: The Two Spocks in a Very Funny and Smart Commercial

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THAT is beautiful. Love it.


The Audi A7 is a wonderful car, but the CLS 550 is wonderfuller.


Gotta love it!


Made me smile. No cheap shots, not expected; but satisfyingly, the only ending.


Funny, but a terrible commercial otherwise.  The only reason Nimoy couldn’t fit his golf clubs in the trunk was because one of the clubs was sticking 2 feet out of the bag.  And why did Quinto get there first?


That is hilarious! Absolutely made my day. :D


“Nice touch” at about 2:15. wink

Seriously, good laughs. I love that they can poke fun at it (they should be able to, given their paychecks.) And Nimoy reprising “Bilbo Baggins”—oh, man, that took me right back to college. TOO freakin’ funny. Thanks for this.

Bart B

FYI - this article is broken in the RSS feed - something in all that annoying glop after the ? is borked, unless you delete all that glop from the URL you get the following cryptic error on an all white screen:

“Disallowed Key Characters.”


Many thanks, Bryan!

Although, I think this find is misfiled. I’d put it under ‘Coolest Stuff Found’. It’s only logical.

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