This Robot Folds Your Laundry

Someone get George Jetson on the horn—we found his laundry folding robot. It's called FoldiMate, and it's a dedicated robot for folding your clothes. OK, so there's a long stream of caveats, starting with the fact that it doesn't ship until sometime in 2017. It's also big, and if you watch the video, you'll note that you have to pin each article of clothing onto the machine by hand. That seems like it might take almost as much time as folding it by hand, but who cares?!? This robot will do it for you, and unless you did time at The Gap, it will probably look better than that old fashion hand-folding job you'd have done. Plus, robot. Back on the caveat side, it's expected price is $700-$850, according to, and an optional steam attachment will cost another $200-$300. But still, robot, so yay!

Check It Out: This Robot Folds Your Laundry