Three New Buffalo Routers All Include Feature-Rich DD-WRT Firmware

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I returned from vacation today to find that last week Buffalo introduced not one but three new router models that all include the über-flexible DD-WRT open-source firmware. Long-time MacGeekGab listeners know I'm a huge fan of DD-WRT, as it allows me to run enterprise-grade services like a VPN server, multiple VLANs, QoS, shell access and more on my consumer routers ... at consumer router prices. The only issue with DD-WRT is the hoops one must typically jump through to get it installed on unsupported routers. Buffalo has taken the pain (and risk) out of that process by pre-installing – and supporting – the DD-WRT firmware for you.

Buffalo's WZR-1750DHPD is a dual-band (and dual-core CPU) router with the same (or more) range and speed as Apple's latest AirPort Extreme, and now includes DD-WRT to allow you access to way more features than you'll ever get from Apple. With an MSRP of $189.99 you'll see this selling for less than that shortly. For those who want to save some money and still go dual-band (albeit not 802.11ac), the $109.99 WZR-600DHP2D is coming soon, as is the $59.99 single-band WHR-300HP2D. All will run DD-WRT, making these my new favorite routers to recommend.


Check It Out: Three New Buffalo Routers All Include Feature-Rich DD-WRT Firmware

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

DD-WRT is an absolute must for any consumer or mid-grade non-Apple router these days. LinkSys, Belkin, and ASUS have all let their firmware go to such cr@p with marketing-savvy features that both performance and security are highly compromised.

So far as Apple goes… If you can afford to drop $200+ on a router, the new Airport Extremes and Time Capsules do an amazing job, especially in WiFi crowded spaces such as condos and apartments. They’re the only Apple product I recommend without mentioning competitors if price isn’t an issue.

Dave Hamilton

@Bosco - based on the testing we’ve done, the Buffalo 3x3 routers at-worst match and at-best outperform Apple’s 3x3 routers in terms of speed and range. I tend to equate them, performance-wise. And given the price and flexibility I’d choose Buffalo over Apple every single time (and do). Most of the time I recommend Buffalo over Apple, even to novice users (especially if they’re the type of novice user that’s an aspiring geek!).

And you’re totally right that Linksys, Belkin, Asus (and Apple) have pretty feature-limited firmware that, IMHO, has gotten worse over the years. The ironic thing is that Buffalo’s own firmware is actually pretty darned good, and if I wasn’t addicted to DD-WRT I would happily use Buffalo’s own stuff. smile

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

What do you think of DD-WRT for non-techies though? I think that’s one place Apple really does a good job… if you’re setting it up with a Mac.


I live in the UK and try as I might I cannot buy a Buffalo router with DD-WRT preinstalled as the firmware. I’ve tried Amazon, specialist IT suppliers and even rang Buffalo’s UK support line, only to be told that Buffalo does not install DD-WRT firmware on their routers for the European market. When I had a chat with the Buffalo support chap and said that doesn’t make sense as it’s the same product why wouldn’t it come with DD-WRT in Europe as it does in the US, he said he didn’t know. He said: ‘it must have been a decision made to only install the firmware for the US market’. He confirmed that if I bought a Buffalo router and installed the DD-WRT firmware it would invalidate my product’s warrantee. Seems a bit pants to me.

Dave Hamilton

@Bosco - I wouldn’t recommend DD-WRT to non-techies at all, but I do split my recommendations between Apple’s routers and Buffalo’s non-DD-WRT devices. You’re spot on that Apple’s stuff makes setup and updates and all of that super simple on a Mac (or iOS device… and it’s not horrible on Windows). For folks that I know will *never* need/want to move beyond Apple’s limited feature set, it’s the right move. But if someone even has the inkling of that inner geek, I recommend Buffalo (usually with their stock firmware, which is easy *and* feature-rich).

Dave Hamilton

@Wigs - Yeah… This is definitely a project spear-headed by the Buffalo Americas. They’ve got some folks there who have been using DD-WRT in their homes for years and finally made it happen officially because they knew there were other geeks out there just like them. wink

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