Tim Cook Says Cross-Burning Inspired His Fight for Equality - Video

Apple CEO Tim Cook made a powerful and passionate speech about equality and human rights at Auburn University's College of Human Sciences, where he was given a lifetime achievement award as an alumnus. In that speech he said that seeing a cross-burning as a child changed him forever and inspired him to fight for equality. He said, "This image was permanently imprinted in my brain, and it would change my life forever. For me, the cross-burning was a symbol of ignorance, of hatred, and a fear of anyone different than the majority. I could never understand it, and I knew then that America’s and Alabama’s history would always be scarred by the hatred that it represented." He also said that he found at Apple a company, "that deeply believed in advancing the humanity through its products and through the equality of all its employees." It's a moving speech, and an excellent example of how Mr. Cook uses his quiet and deliberate presentation to amazing effect. Check it out.