TiVo Brings DVR to Over-the-Air Cord Cutters

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TiVo has taken a big step into the world of cord-cutting with the introduction of TiVo Roamio OTA, a DVR for over-the-air (OTA) TV signals. With this device, cord-cutters can go back to the future and digitally record SD and HD broadcasts from local TV stations and watch them like they would with any other DVR. Cool, eh? TiVo Roamio OTA can record up to four programs at once, and it has a 500GB hard drive for up to 75 hours of recorded HD content. If you have a broadband connection, the device also has apps for Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, "and more," plus it supports TiVo's own TiVo Stream for watching your recorded shows on other devices. It's a brilliant move that could allow TiVo to expand its business outside of the cable and satellite industries where it started. Better yet, the box is only US$49.99 (available exclusively at Best Buy starting in September). It also requires a $14.99 monthly subscription to function, which is where TiVo actually makes its money.


Check It Out: TiVo Brings DVR to Over-the-Air Cord Cutters

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I really like this move. Big reasons for not cutting the cord is the combined convenience of time-shifting and program guide. While those can be accomplished with a purpose built Linux box, or Mac software or Windows software, it’s never as easy as the cable company DVR.


I loved my TiVo. But when I switched to HD they didn’t support 3D so I let it go. After 10 years of TiVo, I missed it for some things when I switched to the Direct TV box, but mostly, the only issue I run into is that if you record a series and ask it to include reruns, it records the same episode multiple times because it isn’t smart enough to recognize it’s the same content. Other than that, the only other annoyance is that the fast forward and rewind aren’t smooth. And I’ve found I can live with both of those things in exchange for the lack of an additional monthly fee.

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