TiVo Roamio streams HD Shows to your iPhone, iPad

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TiVo unveiled its Roamio DVR on Tuesday with built-in streaming support for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The Roamio supports HD playback and recording, can stream content over local networks to iOS devices, can download shows to iOS devices for offline viewing, includes features found on other TiVo products such as Netflix streaming and multiple tuner support, supports up to six tuners, and can store up to 450 hours of HD content. TiVo says streaming content from Roamio to your iOS devices over the Internet is coming soon, too, so you can watch recorded shows from anywhere. The Roamio is priced starting at US$199.99 and requires a monthly TiVo subscription.


Check It Out: TiVo Roamio streams HD Shows to your iPhone, iPad

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I wish I had known this was coming. I just bought a Premiere XL4 TiVo a few weeks ago. This would have been better, I think.

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