Trakdot Reports Your Luggage’s Location in Real Time

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Trakdot announced on Thursday that it was taking preorders for its self-titled debut product, Trakdot. This device slips into your checked baggage and then reports its location via text message or through the company's website.  The device uses cell phone tower triangulation to figure out where it is, and it turns itself off  before takeoff and back on at landing. That's cool! It's $49.99, with an $8.99 "activation fee" that will be waived if you preorder before April 27th. There's also a $12.99 annual subscription.


Check It Out: Trakdot Reports Your Luggage’s Location in Real Time

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Well, now.  Luggage means travel, which often means airlines.  The TSA have said that anything that could be used as an explosive ignition device (even when explosives aren’t present), can be confiscated.  I think this neat little gizmo would fit that description nicely.


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