Turn the Hole in Your iMac or Cinema Display Into a Shelf

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I love clever ideas, and the Hang-On iMac stand from our friends at Trans Intl is just that. It's a 7-inch by 4-inch shelf that's designed to securely fit in the cable-access hole on the back of your iMac or Cinema Display (with the L-shaped stand). It's big enough for your iPhone, but we're thinking it would be a great place to put an external hard drive, a small cable modem, a Transporter, an AirPort Express, or other small device you need near your Mac but don't need to see. Think, "Yes, honey, I put that picture of your parents on my desk." That's cool. It's priced at US$18.95 and available now.


Check It Out: Turn the Hole in Your iMac or Cinema Display Into a Shelf

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Yea, been done already, called the BackPack by Twelve South. In stainless steel to match the iMac. Not ugly like this cancer growing on an otherwise stunning design.  Is it April 1st?

Bryan Chaffin

Twelve South makes very cool products. I’m not sure where your vitriol is coming from, though, DarthGrommit. The two devices are priced differently and attach to your iMac/Cinema Display differently. I don’t think this is a zero sum game—both are cool.

I’d say Twelve South’s BackPack is more attractive, and it has the benefit of being able to face either front or back. It’s also almost twice as much.

I wonder if one could use both of them, Hang-On iMac in back with the BackPack in front. That would be handy. smile


Perhaps if I had a black iMac, but after paying a premium for the iMac’s looks, i couldn’t imagine that the price difference would prompt someone to choose this cheese grater, unless one couldn’t see it.  Ahhh… the Trans Intl website says it for “any small items you want out of sight…”  iGet it.

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