Turn Your Mac into a Planetarium with Stellarium

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Field trips to the planetarium were always one of our favorite school activities, so of course we have an affinity for apps that help us see what's in the night sky. Stellarium is one of those apps for the Mac that lets us do just that with amazing detail -- so much, in fact, that it's being used with actual planetarium projectors. The app includes over 600,000 stars, and additional catalogs are available with over 210 million stars. It also details our solar system's planets, moons and other satellites, constellations for several cultures, eclipse and supernova simulation, telescope control, supports fisheye and spheric mirror projection for planetarium domes, and more. Despite Stellarium's powerful feature set, it's a free app, which means you don't have any more excuses for putting off that home planetarium project.


Check It Out: Turn Your Mac into a Planetarium with Stellarium

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