Video Demo of Using 6 Displays in Apple’s New OS X Mavericks

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YouTube user "MrThaiBox123" has posted a comprehensive look at working with multiple monitors—six displays, to be precise—in Apple's new OS X 10.9 Mavericks. The company introduced some changes in multi-display support, including the ability to  access the Dock and Menu Bar from all of your displays, and the ability to run different full screen apps in different displays. Mavericks also handles desktop images differently. MrThaiBox123 runs through the changes and then discusses the pros and cons. [Via 9to5Mac.]


Check It Out: Video Demo of Using 6 Displays in Apple’s New OS X Mavericks

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At least there’s a preference to go back to the old way, even though it still has the problem with full screen mode disabling the rest of the monitors. Maybe Apple will listen to reason if enough people comment on this inanity.


Well, the new workflow definitely seems to work better for my use.

I wish he looked a little more at the menu bar across multiple screens and dock behaviour; those are a little more commonly used cases than ensuring the wallpaper on the wall-o-monitors is consistent across all screens. Nice to see the odd use case is being pointed out though.


So much for Developer NDAs?


But it’s not actually a final release version, so what’s he actually complaining about?



Whaaaa I can’t get my multi-monitor wallpaper to look right. How can I do my work without my multi-monitor wallpaper…

You need 6 monitors like I need 6 toes.


So they finally fix things to actually have multiple monitors behave as indipendent of each others (which is the purpose to have multiple monitors in the first place) and all you can do i complain because it messes with your multiple desktop wallpaper?!?!

Wow.. talk about positive feedback about REAL usability. :D



This will be much better for my work flow. How about tabbed screens? Are they there?

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