WALL-E gets a Shot at LEGO CUUSOO

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Some things are just begging to be LEGO kits, and when they're designed by Pixar's own team, it'd be a travesty if they didn't end up on store shelves. That's the case with the WALL-E kit that's up for a vote as a CUUSOO design. Here's how this works: People submit their designs to LEGO's CUUSOO project, and if they get enough votes the company turns them into real shipping products. The WALL-E proposal comes from Pixar's Angus MacLane, and it looks absolutely fantastic. It'd be a shame if WALL-E didn't come to life through LEGO, so go cast your vote and give the lovable little robot a chance.


Check It Out: WALL-E gets a Shot at LEGO CUUSOO

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